Zimbabwe Team departed for Home Town

Zimbabwe Team departed for Home Town

After completing the tour of Pakistan Zimbabwe team has departed for their hometown Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe team was the only team who agreed to come to Pakistan despite of security threats and completed their tour by playing 2 T20 matches and 3 ODI matches.Zimbabwe team continued their tour after a blast in 2nd ODI outside the Qaddafi stadium.Zimbabwe team has lost both the series but have won the hearts of Pakistani nation by giving back them the cricket in Pakistan after 6 years.

zimbabwe team departed for hometown

Although Zimbabwe team could not win any one of the matches and lost the T20 series by 0-2 and ODI series by 0-2 , the 3rd ODI between pakistan and zimbabwe was abondoned due to heavy rain and dust storm in the 2nd innings of the match while zimbabwe was playing at 68 runs in 9 overs.

Match was stopped and due to heavy rain,dust storm and failure of flood lights match was cancelled.

Zimbabwe team has left the Qaddafi Stadium and reached the Lahore International airport,Zimbabwe team will depart for Zimbabwe at 03:00 AM Pakistan time.

On the departure of Zimbabwe team tough and very strict security arrangements were made by police , Elite Force and rangers.

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