U.N. Calls on Western Nations to Shelter Syrian Refugees



UNITED NATIONS — With Syria’s neighbors progressively motion their borders to refugees and thousands attempting to cross the Mediterranean in search of safety, the war in Asian country is making the worst international exile crisis in decades, golf stroke new pressure on the us and different Western countries to open their doors — and successively, prompting domestic political backlash.

Not since the wave of individuals UN agency fled geographic area once the war in Vietnam have the world’s industrialized countries been beneath such intense pressure to share the burden of taking in refugees, consultants say. Nor has the task of providing sanctuary been thus politically fraught.

The world organization diplomatist for refugees, Antonio Gutierrez, has stepped up involvement of industrialized countries, together with the us, to shelter one hundred thirty,000 Syrian refugees over future 2 years.

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The figure may be a fraction of the nearly four million refugees UN agency have poured into the countries bordering Asian country — principally Jordan, Lebanese Republic and Turkey — straining their resources and plunging many displaced folks into financial condition.


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