Terrorists Attack On Passengers Buses in Mastung 20 Killed

Quetta:Terrorists Attack On Passengers Buses in Mastung 20 Killed

mastung firing on bus 20 killed

Terrorists in Mastung killed 20 passengers boarding from PISHIN to Karachi.According to Sarfaraz Bugti Interior minister of Baluchistan terrorists in security forces uniform stopped the 2 buses in the area of Mastung and kidnapped the passengers , security forces have found the dead bodies of 19 people, while a search operation is being made by security forces.

According to the Government television Chief minister of Balochistan Dr.Abdul Malik has announced 3 days of mourn in the province.

He said that political parties and people of Pakistan should help government to stop the terrorist activities.

A person from Mastung local body told that terrorists stopped the 2 buses in the area of Khad Kocha and kidnapped 25 passengers.5 passengers have been released by terrorists while other 19 have been killed and 1 injured.Most of the passengers belonged to District Pishin of Balochisran.

After the kidnapping of passengers security forces followed the terrorists and shots were fired from both sides for a long time.

All the political parties of Pakistan and Prime minister Nawaz sharif, Chairman PTI Imran Khan , Altaf Hussain Chairman MQM, Asif Ali Zardari Chairman PPP condemned the terrorist attack.




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