Talks with India Not Cancelled Yet :Foreign Office Pakistan

Talks with India Not Cancelled Yet :Foreign Office Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Indian media on Friday evening claimed that the meeting between Pakistan and India’s National Security Advisors has been cancelled.

talks with india not officialy cancelled yet

However, the claim could not be officially verified as the Indian government has not yet confirmed the cancellation.

Meanwhile, India’s Ministry of External Affairs has stated that the talks cannot move forward with Pakistan’s ‘newly imposed pre-conditions’.

Statement by Pakistan Foreign Office:

The Pakistan Foreign Office released a statement in the light of the recent development and said that it has received no report of official cancellation of talks by the government of India.

The FO spokesperson further said Pakistan will respond after a formal notice is issued by India.

Meanwhile, sources at the Foreign Ministry said there should be no pre-conditions before the talks.

According to sources, Pakistan is awaiting India’s reply after it conveyed its stance to the latter today.

Sources also said that Pakistan did not convey any ‘pre-conditions’ and in fact communicated that India should not impose any preconditions.

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