Taliban published biography of their chief Mullah Omar


KABUL (Afghanistan): The Afghan Taliban published a expressive biography of their supreme leader Mullah Omar, in a surprise move apparently aimed at countering the creeping influence of the Islamic State group within insurgent ranks.

The Taliban have reportedly seen defections to the Islamic State in recent months, with some insurgents expressing their disaffection with the one eyed warrior priest who has not been seen since the 2001 US led assault of Afghanistan.

The biography, posted just after midnight on the Taliban’s main website to memorialize Omar’s 19th year as supreme leader, described him as being actively involved in “jihadi activities”, dispelling speculation that he had died.

Despite being “regularly watched by the enemy, no major change and disruption has been observed in the routine works of mulla omar in, organizing the jihadi activities as the leader of the Islamic Emirate,” biography says.

“He keenly follows and inspects the activities against the brutal infidel foreign invaders.”

Lionising the “charismatic personality”, the biography also contained several anecdotes of battlefield velour and described the RPG-7 grenade launcher as Omar’s “preferred weapon of choice”.

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