Soolat mirza MQM target killer death sentence cancelled just few hours before hanging.

CapturePakistan,s province sindh,s 2nd largest political party MQM,s arrested target killer soolat mirza death sentence stopped just a few hours before hanging, as soolat mirza has given many proofs against altaf hussain MQM chief , soolat mirza said that mqm uses its workers like tissue papers and when there is no need of us , our party throws us like tissue papers , he said that i,m ashamed on my crimes , but he apologized from the nation and said that my family is in danger and there is a threat that after my proofs against altaf hussain mqm will kill my family , so after his proofs interior ministry of pakistan has requested the president of pakistan to stop the  hanging of soolat mirza, soolat mirza is prisoned in machh jail of balochistan and was to be hanged on early morning of Thursday.


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