Saulat Mirza to be Hanged Today at 04 am | saulat Mirza,s Wife Appeal To the Government

Saulat Mirza To be Hanged This Morning at 4 AM

saulat mirza death sentence


Pakistan,s Political Party MQM,s x worker and target killer Saulat Mirza to be hanged today at 4 am in Machh jail,Balochistan.Doctors have checked Saulat Mirza and declared him physically fit and OK.Saulat Mirza is shifted in the black room .Before this Saulat Mirza met his family members including his wife sisters and other family members also his childs.A video conference facility was also given to saulat Mirza to talk to his other family members in Karachi who could not meet him in jail.Saulat Mirza said to his wife that he is comfortable and he is sure that he will not be hanged.Saulat Mirza also said that if he gets chance then he will expose many other people.He requested to Prime minister and president to stop his sentence.

Tormentor Ashraf has been arrived in the Machh jail to hang Saulat Mirza.Saulat Mirza said that he has started mission againt terrorism and if i got chance than i will expose many other people involved in terrorist activities.

After meeting Saulat Mirza in Machh jail his wife Nighat Mirza did a press conference and requsted to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ,President Mamnoon Hussain and interior Minister chauhdry Nisar Ali to stop the death sentence of Saulat Mirza and reopen the case,She said that many other people involved in terrorist activities should also be treated with iron hands and they should also be hanged.

She said if government wants peace in Karachi than Govt should reopen the Saulat Mirza case and also hang the other people involved in this case.

Nighat Mirza said that she met her husband Saulat Mirza and they are hopeful that government will take notice of their appeal .

In reply to a question she said that she don’t wants to talk to MQM or about MQM.She said we are waiting for government reply but government has not contacted with her till now.she said Prime minister should seriously think about their appeal if government wants peace in Karachi.Nighat Mirza siad that her husband Saulat Mirza is the only person who stood against MQM a powerful party in Sindh.

Nighat Mirza said if her husband is hanged than many other terrorist personalities will survive and all the proofs against these terrorists will be vanished with Saulat Mirza,s death.She said its a great chance for government to arrest other people who forced Saulat Mirza to do crimes otherwise there will be a non stoppable series of murders in karachi.

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