Saudi Prince Annonced to Donate All His Wealth

Saudi Prince Annonced to Donate All His Wealth

Prince Talal said he is inspired by Bill Gates of Microsoft who gave his wealth for the charity to Bill Gates Foundation founded in 1997,. “Amount will be used in relief operations during disasters,cultural activities to enhance mutual understanding, and more empowering women.

Yal that five years ago billionaire businessman Warren byft and Microsoft founder Bill Gates started activities dedicate their wealth to charitable activities. This amount of Rs 32 Billion Dollars will be given to the ‘Alwaleed Philanthropies, an organization already founded by Prince Talal and he has already given 3.5 billion dollars to this charity.It is to remember that Prince Talal has no Government post ,he is the owner of Kingdom Holding Company.

The kingdom Holding Company has many hotels,real estate projects,media,city group and has partnership in Twitter and Apple company.

While announcing to donate his wealth prince Talal said that he is giving his own wealth and this charity is not the wealth of Kingdom Holding Company.

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