Punjab Food Authority Raids in Punjab Hotels

Punjab Food Authority Raids in Punjab Hotels

LAHORE: Following action against substandard meat and milk in the province, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) sealed off a candy factory and a bakery in Iqbal Town for using rotten eggs and unhygienic baking process.

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The PFA team, headed by DG Operations Ayesha Mumtaz raided the store of a ‘famous bakery’ where it found stocks of rotten eggs being used for baking. The raiding team sealed off the store.

The team of food authority also raided at a candy factory in Iqbal Town and found that the owners were minting money on the cost of children’s health.

The unit was sealed off for using unhygienic baking process.

Despite PFA’s continuous crackdown against substandard food in the province, the offenders are continuing injecting poison in the masses.

The citizens have urged the authorities concerned to put a ban on people involved in such disgusting practices.

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