Punjab Budget 2015-16 Presented

Punjab Budget 2015-16 Presnted

Government of Punjab has presented the provincial budget for the year 2015-16 in the provincial assembly.Budget was presented by first woman Finance minister Dr Aisha Ghous,Opposition shouted loudly during the budget speech.

Punjab budget has a total outlay of 1.4 trillion,47 billion and 240 millions.

development fund has been allocate 400 billions,Eucations sector 310 billions and 200 millions and for the development of south punjab 150 billions are allocated.

Health Sector: 166 billions

Peace Sector: 166 billions and 700 millions

According to finance minister federal and provincial government are giving 618 billions combined for the energy sector ,while Punjab government will invest 218 billions in the energy sector.

Punjab Government has allocated 69 billions for the construction of roads and bridges,energy sections 43 billions,Orange train lahore project 10 billions,flood vivtims rehabilitation 20 billions,live stock 8 billions and 590 millions and 70 billions for pure water projects which will start from villages of punjab.

Total income of Punjab has been estimated 1 thousand and 440 billions from which 1 billion is allocated for Tayyab Urdgan Hospital.

In the next financial year 2 billions have been allocated for loans to the poors,3 billions for Pakistan kidney and Liver Institute,10 billions and 820 millions for free medicine in hospitals,5 billions for giving tractors to farmers,94 billions and 620 millions for police department,16 billions and 360 millions for the development of big cities like rawalpindi,faisalabad and multan.

While 26 billions have been allocated for Multan metro bus project and also 67 billions are allocated for roads in villages.



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