PML-N Candidate won By Elections of PP-196 Multan

PML-N Candidate won By Elections of PP-196 Multan

Multan: PML-N candidate defeated PTI candidate in by election of PP-196

pp196 by elections result


PML-N candidate Rana Mahmood ul hassan won the by elections of pp-196 multan by defeating the PTI candidate Rana Abdul Jabbar by a margin of more than 10,000 votes.

According to non official results PML-N candidate Rana Mahmood Ul Hassan grabbed 28,324 votes and Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf(PTI) candidate Rana Abdul Jabbar got 18,112 votes.

While the third candidate of PPP Chaudhry Hussain Arain got 6519 votes .The process of polling started at 08:00 AM and ended at 05:00 PM.

This seat of provincial Assembly of Punjab was vacated after the disqualification of Chaoudhry Abdul Waheed arain.Some clashes are also reported at some places between PML-N workers and PTI workers.


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