Pakistan Budget 2015-16 Complete Budget in Urdu

Pakistan Budget 2015-16 Complete Budget in Urdu

Federal Budget 2015-2016 of Pakistan By Ishaq Daar

Islamabad:On Friday government of Pakistan presented the Budget for Financial year 2015-2015 in the parliament.

Finance Minister ishaq Daar presented the Budget 2015-2016 of Pakistan.

According to the critics and opposition parties this budget is only the game of numbers and nothing.It was a repeated budget as usual.

Finance Minister Ishaq Daar presented the budget,the budget speech shows a total volume of 4.313 trillion which is 9.1percent higher than the running Financial year 2014-15.The running FY 2014-15(ending on 30 June 2015) budget was Rs 3.9 trillion.

pakistan budget 2015-16 complete in urdu

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