MQM threats Shut Down in Karachi over Water Crisis

MQM threats Shut Down in Karachi over Water Crisis

mqm shut down in karachi over water crisis


KARACHI: MQM leader Haider Abbas Rizvi said the negligence of authorities over the basic needs of the citizens can be measured from the fact that now people are demanding only a few drops of drinkable water.

While addressing a public rally held to protest against recent water crisis in Karachi, MQM leader said the citizens of Karachi now have to beg for water, complaining the development projects were in progress across the country except Karachi.

He said that “Only one project was mentioned for Karachi in the federal budget” he said Karachiites are actually the ones with major contribution in the pond of national resources.

He also called upon the ‘rulers’ to take apart quota system, asking the government to immediately hold Local Government (LG) polls in the Sindh province.

“We want such a LG system in which authority and power lies with nazims and councilors”, Haider Abbas Rizvi demanded.

Another MQM leader Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui warned that if government of sindh fails to provide water to the people of Karachi they will be forced to sever water lines of Chief Minister Sindh house.

Siddiqui said “This is the last time ‘Haq-Parast’ have taken to street to raise voice for their legitimate rights and if denied they will shut down the city for as long as needed.

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