Men Flying in Air With Aeroplane in Dubai

Men Flying in Air With Aeroplane in Dubai 

Men Flying in Air With Aeroplane in Dubai

The time is not far away when man will fly in the air by himself and this has been proven by two adventurers in Dubai.The 2 adventurers who flew with the Emirates air plane in the airs of Dubai have astonished everybody.

The two men wearing power wings entered in the air from a helicopter and a heart beat stopping race started between 2 men and the Emirate,s air plane (A-380) already in the air at a height of 4000 feet.

Men Flying in Air With Airplane in Dubai Watch Video

It was looking that the 2 men will fell from the sky but it was wrong and they flew in air with the speed of air plane up and down,right and left of the plane.The names of two adventurers are Yus rozi and Wens Reft .Emirate,s voice and chief executive Aadil al ridha said that it was a demonstration of power between man and machine which was not expected so far long.He said that it has proven the success of rocket fitted wings and has proven that Dubai is creating new horizons in the history of aviation.

The two pilots who flew in the air said that it was very impossible to fly in the air with rocket fitted wings and we thought we will fell but we were wrong and we have proved it and we are very happy as it was our dream to flew not in the plane but outside the plane.

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