Lawyer Arrested in Iran For Shaking Hands with a Girl

Lawyer Arrested in Iran For Shaking Hands with a Girl


TEHRAN:A lawyer named Muhammad Muqeemi has beenarrested on the charge of having committed fornication only because he had shaken hands with his client Atena Farghadani, a social worker, in a jail, according to a foreign news agency.

According to the sources close to Moghimi, the jail staff has written in the official records that the lawyer was arrested on the charge of ‘fornication’. Moghimi has been transferred to ‘Rajai’ jail in Karaj.

It is pertinent to mention here that Farghadani had been sentenced to a prison of 12 years and 9 months only a couple of weeks back. Atena Farghadani (29) had been convicted by a revolutionary court in Iran under charges of negative propaganda against the government, undermining the national security and using derogatory terms for members of the parliament, jail administration and the Supreme Leader.

Farghadani came to the limelight in August, 2014, when she was arrested for arranging an exhibition regarding child abuse. Iranian prosecutors also alleged her of having met the families of the political prisoners and relatives of those killed during 2009 Green Revolution. She was kept in jail for around 2 months where she was brutally tortured.

When she went on a hunger strike, Farghadani was released on bail but was arrested again earlier this year for making funny sketches of the Iranian parliamentarians.

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