Kasam 7 December 2016 Full Episode HD Colors TV Watch Video

Kasam 7 December 2016 Full Episode HD Colors TV

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Kasam Latest Updates

Kasam Tere Pyar ki has become very popular amongst the audience. 193 episodes have been telecasted and many ups and downs occured in the lives of Tanuja and Rishi. As Indian dramas are full of suspense and drama between the families. Tanuja has entered again in the life of Rishi. But now Malaika has entered in the life of Rishi. Malaika is trying to hold Rishi in her hands. And she is doing this for the future of herself and Shekhar. In the last episode Rishi and Tanuja were in a hotel. And Malaika comes there too. Malaika brings a tablet in her purse to give it to Rishi and Rishi will love her after that tablet. Tanuja comes out of the room and goes to pool thinking that Rishi doesnt understands her. In the same time Malaika orders a juice for Rishi from room service and mixes the 2 tablets in it. While Rishi was taking bath. After bath Malaika gives juice to Rishi that it will fresh his mood. Rishi drinks the juice and feels sleepy. Malaika thought that this will effect now and they will spend a marriage night. But Rishi saw Tanuja,s face in Malaika and calls Malaika Tanuja. Malaika says that she doesnt love to leave him alone. same while TANUJA picks a flower and comes to the room. Rishi falls a sleep due to heavy dose of tablets, while Malaika was n bed with him and tanuja enters the room. tanuja was shocked to see them both closer in the bed. Tanuja runs away from there thinking that Rishi has no love for her and he has spoiled the maariage.

Kasam 7 December 2016 Full Episode HD Colors TV

Kasam 7 December 2016 Full Episode HD Colors TV

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki Colors TV Drama Intro

“Kasam Tere Pyar Ki” an Ekta Kapoor Production is a romantic Tv series being aired on Colors TV. Colors TV started its telecast from 7th March 2016. Kasam is going very successful series of Colors TV. Audience of Pakistan and India like this serial very much. Story of the play is all about the “Love” of Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) and Tanu (Kratika Sengar). In childhood they Tanu once saved the life of Rishi and after that a Pujari said that if Rishi will marry to Tanu then he will be saved otherwise he will die on the age of 23. But Tanu was taken to USA in childhood and they were separated. But fortune had decided something else. When Rishi was near 23 years of age tanu returns back ti India. And after many thrills and dramas they got married.

Kasam 7 December 2016 HD Colors TV Full Episode

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