Kasam 26 January 2017 Colors TV Drama Full Episode HD

Kasam 26 January 2017 HD Full Episode Colors TV

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki” an Ekta Kapoor Production is a romantic Tv series being aired on Colors TV. Colors TV started its telecast from 7th March 2016. Kasam is going very successful series of Colors TV. More than 200 episodes have been aired and many ups and owns came in lives of Rishi and Tanuja. Many people tried to separate them but they always succeeded to overcome the dirty plans of others. Now Rishi,s family is in jail for domestic violence against a case filed by Tanuja. Actually the case was not filed by Tanuja.

“Kasam Tere Pyar Ki”

This was a plan of Neha and Bani to take revenge of the disgrace faced by Neha from Rishi,s family. Bani asks Doctor Grewal to make fake report of domestic violence. And files a case against the family of Rishi. Family of Rishi is in jail now. Rishi wents to Tanuja but she was not at home. On the other side Tanuja hears Bani and Neha talking. Vidhi comes to tanuja but Neha and Bani sent her to tak something for Tanuja. Tanuja tried to call Rishi but Neha and Bani did not let her talk to Rishi. Finally Tanuja gets a chance to speak rishi and tells her that she is coming to Police station to free his family. Neha and Bani tried their best to stop Tanuja from goiong to jail. But she says that she can never leave Rishi in such a situation nor his family. Neha slaps Tanuja and in reply Tanuja also slaps her. After all Tanuja gets out of the to go to Police station. In police station Jailer asks Rano to commit her sin but she refused. Rano was being beaten by police in separate cell but she was not ready to accept the charges of domestic violence. Rano is now very upset by Tanuja and she has decided to get Tnuja out from Rishi,s life. Rano said to Rishi that he should give divorce to Tanuja because due to Tanuja Rishi,s family went to jail and were tortured there by police. Rishi loves his mother very much and also Tanuja. Rishi gets very angry on Tanuja and she lefts Rishi,s house. Rishi is in tention now because he dont want to leave Tanuja but he loves his mother who was tortured in jail due to Tanuja.

Kasam 26 January 2017 Colors TV Drama Full Episode HD

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