Islamabad LB Polls 30 November 2015 Final Results

Islamabad LB Polls 30 November 2015 Final Results

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Islamabad local body elections 2015 were held today.Polling started at 07:00 AM and it lasted till 05:30 PM.These are the first local body elections in the history of Islamabad.Before this LB elections were held in Islamabad rural areas only in 1992.Total UC,s in Islamabad are 50.Total number of seats in these 50 UCs are 650.The number of candidates taking part in Islamabad Local Body Elections 2015 from all parties is 2396.There are total 255 candidates for the post of Chairman and Vice Chairman.Number of candidates for General Counselor is 1210,Ladies seats candidates are 351.Total Number of candidates for seats of Kissan Counselor is 248.candidates for Youth Counselor seats are 230.Candidates for Minirities seats are 102.

There are total 972 independent candidates taking part in Islamabad Lg elections 2015.PML-N candidates are 506 taking part in elections.PTI candidates are 479,PPP 81,Aam Aadmi Party 08,PML-Q 12,JUI-F 13,Jamat e Islami 164,Tehrik e Tahafuz E Pakistan TTP 66,Awami Workers Party AWP 15,Pasban Party 10,Awami Tehrik AT 11,Nazria Pakistan Party NPP 09,Sunni Itehad Council 01.

Army,Police,Rangers and FC was appointed for the security of LB elections.Some clashes are also reported from different places but rangers and army took control and polling continued.Chairman PTI Imran Khan casted his vote early at 9 Am and left for Sialkot for the purpose of elections campaign.Vote count has started and 18 candidates have won the election unopposed.A total number of 6,80,612 registered voters exercised their right to vote in LB elections in the federal capital out of which 3,67,960 are male voters and 3,12,652 female voters.

islamabad lb polls 2015 latest results update

Party Position

PTI 16              PML-N – 21             Independent 13

Islamabad Local Body Elections 2015 Final Results

3:33 AM: PML-N tops polls with 21 seats, PTI comes in second with 16 seats while indepedent candidates secure 13 seats.

3: 23 AM Complete unofficial election results released:

UC 50 Golra, PTI s Shoaib Khan Shaibi elected

UC 49 Shah Allah Ditta, PML-N s Syed Zeeshan Ali elected

UC 48 Serai Kharbooza, independent candidate Malik Imtiaz elected

UC 47 Tarnol, independent candidate Malik Rizwan

UC 46 Hadana Kalari, PML-N s Hafeez-ur-Rehman Tipu elected

UC 45 Jhangi Syedan PML-N s Syed Sibt-e-Hassan

UC 44 Bokra, PML-N s Malik Aftab Advocate

UC 43 I-10/2 PML-N s Rana Ishfaq

UC 42 I-10/1 PML-N s Farman Mughal elected

UC 41 I-9 PML-N Sardar Mehtaab Ahmed elected

UC 40 I-8 PTI s Ali Nawaz Awan elected

UC 39 Maira Jaffar PML-N s Sajid Mehmood Malik elected

UC 38 G10/4 PTI s Qazi Tanveer Hussain elected

UC 37 G-10/2 PTI s Malik Sajid Mehmood elected

UC 36 G-10/3 PTI s Raja Faisal Nadeem elected

UC 35 G-9/2 PTI s Malik Rafiq elected

UC 34 G-9/3 PML-N s Malik Sajjad elected

UC 33 G-8/1 PML-N s Waheed Hassan elected

UC 32 G-8/3 PML-N s Munir Ashraf elected

UC 31 G-7/1 PTI s Ahmed Khan elected

UC 30 G-7/3 independent candidate Amir Sheikh elected

UC 29 F-10 PTI s Khurram Bakhtiar elected

UC 28 F-7 PTI s Fozia Arshad elected as Chairperson

UC 27 G-6/2 PTI s Anjum Shehzad Tanoli elected

UC 26 G-6/1 PML-N s Chaudhry Allah Ditta elected

UC 25 F-6, PTI s Ateeq Khattak elected

UC 24 Rawal Town, Margala PML-N s Syed Zaheer elected

UC 23 Bani Gala, independent candidate Jameel Khokhar elected

UC 22 Chuk Shehzad, PML-N s Chaudhry Matloob Hussain elected

UC 21 Sohan, PTI s Malik Amir Ali elected

Independent candidate Syed Abrar elected from UC 20 Alipur Farash

PML-N s candidate Manzoor Hussain elected from UC 19 Tarlai Kalan

PML-N s candidate Malik Waseem Sanah elected from UC 18 Khana Dak

Independent candidate Qaiser Bhatti elected from UC 17 Koral

Independent candidate Chaudhry Hanif elected from UC 16 Pag Panwal

PTI s Malik Ikhlaq Awan elected from UC 15 Lui Bhair

Independent candidate Chaudhry Nadeem Akhtar elected from UC 14 Sahala

PML-N s Qazi Faisal elected from UC 13 Bimak

PTI s Syed Hussain Kazmi elected from UC 12 Rawat

PTI s Abdul Majeed secures seat for UC 11 Mughal

Independent candidate Raja Zahid secures seat for UC 10 Kirpa

Independent candidate Raja Zulqurnain secures seat for UC 9 Chirah

PTI s Raja Khurram Nawaz secures seat for UC 8 Tumair

PTI s Qiaser Ghaffar secures seat for UC 7 Tumair

PML-N s Raja Waqar Mumtaz secures seat for UC 6 Phulgran

PML-N s Raja Wahid Kayani wins from UC 5 Kot Hathyal South

PML-N s Malik Ishtiaq Awan wins from UC 4 Kot Hathyal

PML-N s Chaudhry Mushtaq wins from UC 3 Milpur

AMIndependent candidate Pir Adil Gillani wins from UC 2 Noorpur Shahan

PTI s Raja Sheraz Kayani wins from UC 1 Syedpur

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