Iran, Afghanistan announce security cooperation against IS

Iran, Afghanistan announce security cooperation against IS

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TEHRAN: Afghanistan and Iran nowadays declared plans for increased security cooperation to combat threats from the Muslim State cluster, together with attainable joint military operations.

Standing aboard visiting Afghan leader Ashraf Ghani, Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani aforesaid the tumult touching the region meant intelligence should be shared.

His comments came when IS, that holds swathes of Syrian Arab Republic and Republic of Iraq, aforesaid it had been answerable for a bombing in Afghanistan’s Japanese town of town that killed thirty three folks.

The attack on weekday at a state-owned bank wherever government employees were drawing their salaries was the primary in Afghanistan claimed by IS. Over one hundred folks were additionally wounded.

Ghani’s two-day visit to Iran is his 1st since absorbing from President Hamid Karzai in Sep, and he was attended on the trip by his secretary of state and minister for oil and mines.

The Afghan leader has repeatedly raised the prospect of IS creating inroads in his country, although the Mohammedan cluster has ne’er formally acknowledged having a presence in Afghanistan.

A former government minister and United Nations agency technocrat, Ghani aforesaid IS conferred “a serious danger and totally different sort of terrorism”.

“People die daily, we have a tendency to face atrocity,” he aforesaid at a joint conference, prompting Rouhani to nod in agreement.

“And while not bigger cooperation a alarming development like Daesh cannot be contained,” Ghani aforesaid, mistreatment Associate in Nursing Arabic descriptor for IS.

Rouhani said: “We have in agreement to get together more within the fight against act of terrorism, violence and political orientation within the region, particularly in border regions.

“We want intelligence sharing and, if necessary, cooperation in operations as a result of the issues that exist isn’t restricted and bit by bit unfold throughout the region, moving everybody.”

The two leaders failed to specify more what they thought may well be done to confront IS, that swept into Republic of Iraq from Syrian Arab Republic last June. The cluster holds urban center, Iraq’s second town.

Iran has been central within the capital of Iraq government’s fight back against IS, coordinative Islamist militias and providing military advisers from its powerful Revolutionary Guards Corps.


The largest such operation saw IS cleared early this month from Tikrit, a town north of capital of Iraq and therefore the childhood home of dead Sunni dictator Saddam.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have seen defections to IS in recent months, with some registration their disaffection with their eyed supreme leader political leader WHO has not been seen in nearly fourteen years.

A person purporting to be Associate in Nursing IS voice aforesaid during a decision to AFP that the cluster was behind the town bombing. A web post allegedly from is formed a similar claim, however couldn’t be verified.

Iran and Afghanistan have shut ties. In 2001, Teheran took the rare step of cooperating with Washington during a US-led invasion that ousted the Taliban regime from power in capital of Afghanistan.


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