Hosni Mubarak sentenced For 3 Years | Hosni Mubarak Sentenced in Corruption Case

X President Of Egypt Hosni Mubarak sentenced for 3 years in corruption case

hosni mubarak case


A court in Egypt has given 3 years sentence in a corruption case .Hosni,s two sons are also given prison for 4 years in corruption case of decorating the president house.

After losing government this was the last case on Hosni mubarak ,x president,s sons Aala and Gamal are also fined in this case.Hosni Mubarak is under treatment in a Militry hospital.

President,s House Renovation funds were 14 millions,On the decision of this case x president Hosni Mubarak and his sons were  present in the court,Hosni,s aides were also in the court when the decision was announced,they shouted in the favor of Hosni Mubarak.

Hosni Mubarak can also appeal against the court decision,while this is not clear whether the years already spent in the jail will be deducted from 3 years or not.

Before this Hosni mubarak was given life sentence in a case of 2011 , when his forces killed protesters in Qahira,but in January 2013 an appeal was accepted for hearing against this decision, the hearing was again started.Case hearing started in May 2013 but but till then Hosni Mubarak had already completed the most sentence.






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