HC Suspends Salman Khan,s Sentence in Hit And Run Case| Hit And Run Case Sentence Suspended by HC

Salman Khan,s Sentence Suspended

Mumbai High court has suspended salman khan,s 5 year prison sentence here on friday,and suspended the orders of lower court issued on wednesday,salman khan was sentenced for hit and run  case of 2002 when he ran over his car on a man Noor Ullah sleeping on road foot path, salman khan,s view was was that he was not driving the car at that time but his driver was on drive,but court didnt accepted salman,s view as a eye witness has said that he was salman khan who was driving the car at that time , the only eye witness was salman khan,s body guard from police who at the time made salman khan to run but later on he stated that he was with salman khan when khan ran over his car on noor ullah, This only eye witness has died before the decision of the court.After khan was sentenced he didnt went to the jail , while many actors and actresses of bollywood went to his home, on wednesday khan approached the high court and was given a two days interim bail,but today he has been given a bail for more than two months and the final decision of hit and run case will be made in the month of july.








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