Hajj Flight Schedule 2015 PIA & Private

Hajj Flight Schedule 2015 PIA & Private

hajj 2015 flight schedule

HAJJ the most important and basic element of Islam,Opposed on all Muslims who have ability to bear expenses once in life is must.It is performed every year on 10th ZIl Hajj.Millions of muslims from all over rhe world go to saudi arab every year to perform the holy worship and also perform eid ul azha in saudi arabia.Same as thousanda of pakistani hujjaj karam go to saudi arab to perfrorm hajj.Hajj 2015 Selected candidates list was provided before now government of pakistan has announced the hajj flight schedule 2015 for PIA and and other airlines.Total there will be 4 airlines which will perform hajj duties and will take and bring back the hajis from pakistan to saudu arab and back to pakistan too.First hajj flight will be on 17th august 2015 and last will be on 10th september 2015.The original hajj pilgrims quota for pakistan was 1,79,210 but due to extension of Haram Pak Khana Kabba in 2013 it was reduced to 1,43,368 by saudi govt and the same will be for the year 2015.Total hajj flights are divided in a ratio of 50:50,that means 50 percent flights will be of PIA and 5o percent will be private hajj flights.

Important Points of Govt Hajj policy 2015

hajj policy 2015 flight schedule 2015

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  8. Please tell me about date and time nic no is 1560203289529 I am private

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