Firing on a Bus in Karachi 43 dead 13 injured

Firing on a bus in karachi leaves 43 dead and more than 13 injured

karachi firing on a bus


Karachi:Terrorist attack on a bus of Ismaili community leaves 43 dead and more than 13 injured.It is reported that at safoora choorangi 3 people in security forces uniform stopped the bus ,driver of the bus thought it a routine checking, meanwhile 9 other terrorists appeared from a nearby building and starting firing on the bus, driver ran the bus from there but could not succeed as a bullet injured him, A passenger from the bus taken the control of the bus but he was also shot by the terrorists , after that terrorists entered in the bus and started firing inside, Security forces found 26 bullet shells from inside the bus.All the passengers were shot in their heads.

Security forces found pamphlets of banned organization from the incident place.S.I.O sachal said that attackers fired on each seat of the bus,he said that the pamphlets are a trick to divert the investigations.

All the political parties of Pakistan condemned the incident and said that terrorists should be treated with iron hands.

After this incident Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif canceled his visit to Sri Lanka and is expected to visit Karachi today.

Police have started their investigation and surrounded the nearby areas of incident , and doing a search operation in nearby areas.

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