Eid ul Fitr Vacations in Federal Institutes 2015

Eid ul Fitr Vacations in Federal Institutes 2015

Federal Government has announced vacations on Eid Ul Fitr,according to Interior ministry vacations on Eid Ul fitr will be from 17 july to 21 july 2015.Interior ministry has also issued notification regarding vacations on eid ul fitr.

federal government eid vacations 2015

Interior ministry had suggested 5 vacations on Eid Ul Fitr instead of 4,on special request of interior ministry Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has approved the Juma Tul Wida Vacation .

Juma Tul Widaa 17 july vacation is special vacation on eid,saturday 18 july and 19 july will be routine holidays,while 20 july and 21 july 2015 will be Eid vacation in federal institutes.

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