Do You Know The Uses Of Silica Bags

Do You Know The Uses Of Silica Bags

Silica Bags or Silicone dioxide, do you the uses and purposes of these small bags in shoes boxes and medicine?. These tiny bags are put into the medicine and shoes boxes by almost all companies. The small silica balls inside the bags are silicone dioxide balls. Silicone dioxide sucks the moisture of its surroundings and keeps things dry. Most people throw these bags after unpacking the shoes or medicine or keep them in medicine bottle until the bottle is empty and then throw this s small bag thinking useless. These silica bags are not poisonous but to keep away from children.

But do you know that these bags are not useless ?

Do You Know The Uses Of Silica Bags

These small silica balls are not poisonous but these are not to eat and have many other uses, which common man can not imagine. You can use these small boxes into your traveling bags to keep away the bacteria and odor. In the same way these silica bags can help drying a wet cell phone, and these are more useful than rice for this purpose. If your cell phone falls in water than put your cell phone into a jar full of silica bags. It can save your cell phone and it will dry in less time. These silica bags will suck the water and moisture of cell phone.

People can use silica bags to save the old pictures. Put silica bags in the album or bag of old pictures and these pictures will no longer ruin.

The most important and most beneficial benefit of these silica bags is that it can save your car,s wind screen by getting fog. Keep some silica bags near the wind screen in fog season and protect the screen from getting fogy and drive safely in fog. These silica bags can also be useful for saving the razor blade from getting rust. Keep your rasor blade in a jar with silica bags and your razor will not get rust after use because silica will suck the water and moisture on blade.

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