Defense Budget of Pakistan 2015-16

Defense Budget of Pakistan 2015-16

defense budget of pakistan 2015-16 in urdu

Finance minister Ishaq Daar said that Pakistan is fighting against terrorism since many years which has caused Pakistan a great loss of human beings more than 50000 and also a big loss of money.

He said that Pakistan has faced Rs 107 billion losses due to terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Ishaq Daar said that Government of Pakistan has allocated Rs 100 billion for the rehabilitation of victims of military operation in waziristan and this amount will be spent on thousands of families who have left their houses due to operation.

Ishaq Daar said that the defense budget of Pakistan is increased in the budget 2015-16 from 700 billion to 780 billion which is a 11 percent increase in defense budget.

defense budget of pakistan 2015-16

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  1. Pak army jis tarha duty day rahe by har tarf es ki pay bahut kam by. 50% barni chahay.

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