Bomb Blast In Madina 4 July 2016 Watch Video

Bomb Blast In Madina 4 July 2016 Watch Video

Early News

Madina Munawra: Bomb blast in Madina Munawra near a mosque. Security has been tightened in all the sensitive areas specially outside mosques. Exact number of casualties and injured has not been reported till now. Bomb blast occured far away from from Majid e Nabvi where thousands of pilgrims are present in Mahe Ramzan for Umrah and religious activities. Bomb blast is strictly condemn able and all the Muslim countries have criticized the incident. We will update about more details as we receive further information. According to the eye witnesses bomb blast occurred near the gate of Jannat Ul Baqi.

Bomb Blast In Madina 4 July 2016 Watch Video

Latest Update No Bomb Blast

According to the Saudi media no bomb blast occured. Saudi security agencies announced that no bomb blast has occured in Madina. It was just a excercise to handle the critical situations. 2 Bomb blasts occurred near Masjid e Nabvi but no casualties or injuries are reported. All the people are safe and sound. All the people around the world are informed that they should remain calm and satisfied that all the people in Saudi Arab Madina are safe.

Bomb Blast In Madina 4 July 2016 Watch Video

New Update 11:40 PM 

According to Saudi police a man came in security center and blasted himself. It was a suicide blast and 2 policemen died in this blast.

Latest Updates 12:15 AM

Arab media has said that bomb blasts were suicide attacks. Suicide bombers tried to enter the Masjid E Nabvi but security stopped them and they blasted on security men. Now media says 5 policemen died in this incident.

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